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Handicare Canada


Available in two weight capacities 350 lbs (160 kg) or 440 lbs (200 kg)

Industry unique design – comfortable, active sit-to-stand with natural movement pattern

Small and convenient

Easy and agile maneuvering

Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control with 2 (EM) or 4 (EE) buttons

Quick guide on the lift

Grip-friendly handles with multiple options for hand placement

Soft, adjustable lower leg support

Low, anti-slip footplate can be removed to use MiniLift as assistive walking device

Easy rolling, maintenance-free casters

Lockable rear casters

High capacity lithium-ion battery with long service life

Control box with built-in diagnostics

Adjustable base width; manual (EM) motorized (EE)

Electrical emergency stop readily available on the control box

Available with low legs for use with lower beds

Meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive for Class 1 products 93/42/EEC

Graham Field Inc.

Manual Hydraulic Lift

Heavy gauge steel construction

Six point spreader bar with 360° rotation

Uses Lumex® six-point, four-point or two-point slings

Foot pedal manually adjustable base (LF1031FP model)

Ergonomic placement of hydraulic pump handle facilitates ease of use

Disassembles for easy storage

Maximum weight capacity 400 lb

Optional digital scale available

Designed to meet the requirments of HCPCS code:E0630

1 year limited warranty.

Handicare Canada


Stable lightweight construction

350 lbs (165 kg) weight capacity

Foldable for convenient transportation and storage

Easy to set up and fold, without tools or loose parts

Large lifting range, excellent for low and high lifting

Encapsulated twin casters – easy rolling and maintenance-free

Adjustable base width; manual (EM) or motorized (EE)

Standard height or low leg options

Ergonomic and easy to maneuver, prevents injuries to caregiver

Convenient hand control and coiled cable allow free movement around the lift when in use and prevents tangling

Includes SlingBarM and SwiftHook

Quick guide on the lift

Emergency stop button readily available on the control box

Manual and electrical emergency lowering

2.0Ah High capacity battery with long service life

Built-in charging

Meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive for Class 1 products 93/42/EEC​

Parsons ADL



Reduce caregiver injuries - Safe and secure patient transfer - Reduces risk of patient falling. The EZ Turn Disc provides a safe and easy patient transfer from one seated position to another. The brake pedal can be pressed down to keep the disc from acting like a "Lazy Susan", so that the patient can be slowly swiveled to the desired position. The knee pads pivot to better fit each individual patient and are adjustable to 3 settings for width between the knees. The vertical support bar is adjustable allowing for correct user height. Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg). Unit weighs 46 lbs (20.4 kg).​

1, greatly save labor cost- open at back design can transfer people from bed, toilet, dinner table to chair easily.

2, two directions to push: Main is to face to the user, another is to push from back.

3, Europe standard promise high security. All materials are waterproof and medical grade.

4, load capacity is 120KG

5, Mute wheels

6, can be used as commode chair and bath chair to facility the users and caregiver.

Popular used In :

1, Family

2, Public & Private hospitals

3, Nursing homes

4, Health Care cente​